Parent Posse – Comprehensive Security Partnerships for School Safety

Parent Posse – Every community should have one.


Make partnership approval & screening by combined School Board, PTA and local law enforcement agencies
Each School must have at least one fully trained ex mil or police trained Team Leader

Parents or Community volunteers with ex mil or police training can join Possee.Teachers or school officials with experience or willingness to train can apply

Participants must be willing to pass strict background check – must pass comprehensive psychological, criminal and domestic check

Have good references from mil or police , medical provider, community , neighbors and family members that will be checked thoroughly.All references to be checked.

Training and re-certification through local police department.

Fully trained in use of rubber bullets, tasers as well as firearms.

Train in communications in crisis situations & how to work with police.

Participate in monthly target range practice with proficiency ratings and meetings with Team Leader and police liason.

Participate in simulated crisis situations to learn how to react in real time situations.

Rotate and Schedule volunteers to have presence at all school functions.

Maintain at least 2 volunteers in each building of campus at all times.

Set calendar to fill with volunteer scheduling.

Parents, grandparents, teachers, community members and those who are willing to invest their time and abilities to help keep schools safe are eligible to apply.

By coordinating and training screened volunteers by use of federal funds, other grant money and school security budget, costs will be minimized by encouraging capable dedicated trained volunteers to participate and commit 20 hours per month [or more] each.

Since many parents work, this could also be a position for retired mil or retired police and other retired professionals who are willing to donate 20 hrs or more a month to being security monitors.

The more volunteers that are trained, the safer our schools will be and spread out the volunteer hours needed can be covered  by each community, to share the burden and assurance of safety and the ability to provide fresh security at all times during school hours and after school activities.
Parent Posses can become as prolific as volunteer fire departments across the country and every school should have one.
With ongoing emergency response courses to be provided for ongoing training with local law enforcement of each community the Parent Posse can provide a low cost effective means to keep our children safe in school as is needed.
By encouraging volunteerism plus provide proper training and equipment schools can be made safe.


The Wall & Refugee Camps?

When considering that building the Wall between US and Mexico will cause the developing flood of refugees on the Mexican side of the border which could cause an increasing humanitarian crisis, those arguing for benefits based on passed misinterpretations or  misapplications of our constitutional laws on individual basis shouldnt be  automatically so precedent setting and the matter should be returned to the Supreme Court for re-evaluation..

While the Mexican govt may have to set up border region refugee type camps should be set up in a way to process the refugees to remain no longer than 5-7 days and then bus them back to places that they should either return to or relocated to, while processing them and for some, finding new locations for them. They have the same options of refusing entry to illegals at their southern border and have their own version of ICE that should be catching illegals down there or who sneak around by boat. They arrest those they catch and send them back, likewise so must we.

The drug  trade is also a big issue and despite Mexico not wanting the drug problem on their side, its up to them to stop the drug trade. Any help our country may give is to help but not our obligation nor responsibility.

Refugee camps dont have to be long term and shouldn’t be. They  should avoid long term stays , identify and process the refugees and then provide a travel bus network, that would be like an umbrella of sorts, that branches out to return citizens, [Mexicans] to their original counties where they resided at before trying to enter the US illegally~ or in some hardship cases be processed to go to be relocated to other counties in their own country, depending on their specific needs and their govt’s ability to cope with their relocation from one county to another.Simply not wanting them is no justification to keep pushing them northward to the US.

As for the non-Mexican refugees, they should be bused directly to receiving centers at their southern most border wall,  where they can be returned to the country below them and the next country could process them as well and repatriate their own citizens and send non-citizens on their way to their southern most border and then dealt with on the next country boundary in similar fashion, culling out the citizens of that country back to where they belong and again busing their non-citizens to their next southern most border to return the next country’s  citizens to their counties and so on til each refugee is returned to their native country and perhaps relocate within their own country as they should.

For those needing to leave their country for whatever reason they should apply for visas that would allow them to travel legally to another country that would receive them but the entire process needs to be done legally and each  nation is to remain responsible for their own citizens as its unfair and too burdensome to force other nations to support immigrants who for whatever reason cant make it in their own nation.

Not everything free in America ! While America is a land of opportunity and immigrants, it has been built by those who came and contributed, not by those who came to become dependent.Through out the years of our history, many came as indentured servants that worked like slaves for years before being able to afford to live the dream on their own. They did so because of their dreams of the future for themselves and their children.

Many European came and scrubbed floors and done menial servant tasks living in overcrowded circumstances to put their children through school and then to advance themselves.

Likewise many of African descent who were from African nations, either brought here through sales by the islamic & other native slave traders or children thereof, who chose to remain in the US after they were emancipated ~choosing not going to Liberia as was offered to them by our govt, or  those who emigrated here to try and achieve the American dream for themselves and their families, working tirelessly for generations, building lives they could be proud of as they learned and earned their way like those before them..

While its true that America is a land built by immigrants & their descendants including the Native American tribes and those  of African descent whose ancestors may have been slaves at some point in time, most  Immigrants came here LEGALLY.

Its not enough for some flag burning liberal who would abuse their privileges to insist on providing the dream to those not willing to come here legally or to work for it but act as though its a right to put at the expense of those who did.

The US Constitution has been under assault and some amendments or definitions have been stretched beyond their original intent and through those stretches some have insisted on citizenship for any born here, causing loophole citizenship benefits which are wrong and causes families to be split apart. What they call anchor babies or dreamers should NOT be called citizens! They are children of their parents and should be with them.If their parents are illegals and deported then their children should go with them!

Children born in America must be born to at least one legal citizen parent to become citizens themselves.Then there would be no question as to their eligibility.If the parent is eligible then the child would be as well and not the other way around. Thats common sense and how it is in most of the world and what the founding fathers would also have intended when they wrote the Constitution. Anything otherwise is twisted and wrong as it breaks up families.

Funneling refugees to safe places within their own countries is paramount to solving the global refugee problem. America can not be expected to continue shouldering the financial responsibilities of refugees from other nations.



Donald Trump will be the BEST President

inauguration-collageI am so very happy that Donald Trump is now finally becoming our President. The passed 18 months have been a long haul and the passed 2 months have seem an eternity awaiting the Inauguration.

I have supported Donald J. Trump since Day One
[but was already following him on Twitter before he announced]

Its truly amazing what hope & pride he instills in the American people.Those of us who felt downtrodden for year no longer feel that way. He is inspiring and brings us all hope, even those who are still deluded by the left,  will see he is the best President for all of us.

Although I never watched the Apprentice,  I have followed Trump in the News for many years, just as another native New Yorker. I think I get how he thinks [and it is genius]  and his inspiring ways I find refreshing, especially since he entered politics.

He’ll rock the world for sure. Those who dont support him now will see by his achievements to come that he actually does care for everyone and is a true Patriot, although the far left has muddied that concept among its followers, especially the youth..

I just wish Trump could have run 8 yrs ago ~ but it wasnt yet his time.

Our nation is in the biggest mess in history and I dont envy him having to clean it up     [but believe he is the most qualified and capable one to do it better than any one else.

He has the Vision, the Energy and is a True Patriot.

He isnt the power crazy person the left & msm has portrayed him as.
He was already powerful and successful. He didnt need to tackle the mess in ‘Washington.

He already knows how to run multinational corporations successfully, which uniquely qualifies him as the best CEO the Exec Branch of Govt has ever had. His picks of the best business heads to run every department & to tune up our Govt will be monumental

While some already may question some of his choices for cabinet, I see the genius in it all.

He promised to get the best of the best and he has.

Who better to restore fiscal prosperity and responsibility than those already proven successful in big business?

Who, being a numbers cruncher guy that he is, can help make government more efficient and streamline it, cutting through the big redtaped mess!

So many jobs in government are not efficient ,redundant and non-essential.
Too much has been spent on administration of programs than actually go to those programs that they are supposed to be in charge of.

Look at the VA~ so much spent yet so little accomplished,

Trump will ensure that every part of government is scrutinized and made more efficient which will save taxpayers and improve the lives of all citizens.

It doesnt bother me one bit where they came from. Its their credentials. that matter and that they will do so much better job  than any of those they are replacing.

Time to drain the swamp of the “lobbyist-owned-fat cat politicians” that have been previously sent in to do the jobs, but only pocketed fortunes while raising taxes and dividing the nation.

We still need term limits set for Congress. We the people should be able to vote on their salaries and benefits as it should not be left up to them, but should be ratified by our votes.

DC needs a beyond-major overhaul, that has to be done with great care, as the tentacles are far reaching like a malignant tumor, into every facet of govt, so has to be excised with great precision and timing.

I wish Trump could just go in and fire all bloodsuckers and streamline all the double dipping inefficient agencies & programs that have sucked up the lion’s share of out tax dollars~ but it will take time as its complicated.

There’s so much waste in the administrative end costs for the VA, HHS and all the other social programs  that have to be overhauled.

He will actually help & not hurt the vulnerable, those in need.No one will be left behind.

Many have been kept in the dark for decades and they just dont realize they’ve been traded like commodities to justify growing big govt , instead of being treated as human beings by the Dem Libs for many decades.

Bringing back jobs to replace welfare, job training programs, improving education putting it back into local control , reducing taxes and rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure,  are all monumental tasks and yet he is tackling them all ~!

Even if he accomplishes just 1/10th of what he says he wants to do ~ it will be more positive and better for our nation, than it has been in the last 50+ yrs.

We can compare him to Reagan – which is okay – I liked Reagan and voted for him – BUT I think Donald J. Trump will be the greatest President in American History.

He has a huge job ahead of him and for his administration, as he manages to undo some of the damages done by the passed few administrations for various and nefarious reasons.

Trump’s  common sense down to earth approach, his willingness to say it like it is and ability to relate to the majority of citizens, from all walks in life is incredible to say the least.

. He has the Vision needed and the capacity to really pull it all off to make America Great [finally].

I feel bad about the gauntlet he and his appointees have had to go through and are going throuhg, as the Dems are trying to use various extreme applications of vetting rules to stifle the new administrations start [ but they wont prevail ]

Such rules or concessions [such as showing tax records] were meant only to prove and prevent corruption, concerning incoming politicians private interests and holdings, as an assurance they wouldnt sell out .

He can legally keep all his companies, although he has signed them over to his sons,  but is giving them up sacrificially, just to avoid any accusations of  possible appearance of anyt conflicts of interest. Trump is being totally transparent and above board.

He really shouldn’t have to give up all that he has in order to prove himself to the Dem-Libs!

He is the richest man in history to ever become President.
He was a real estate man, similar in many ways actually to George Washington~He supported the govt and many politicians in the past based on their merit not their parties and was very supportive of our nation  but the time came when he knew that no one else would do for the nation what he wanted to do which is to make America great again.

His CEO success around the world, only better qualifies him to run the “Corporate” Executive Branch of the United States Govt…
He actually seems to bring a sense of genuine nobility, balanced with a real affinity for the common man, equally into the White House.He will be OUR President and is approachable.

I love that he “tweets” to keep in touch with everyone and lets us know whats goung on I hope he doesnt let anyone stifle him from tweeting – It keeps him real to us.

It makes his presidency more personal to all his online followers and friends and allows us to feel the excitement and accomplishment right along with him.



I’m PROUD to Welcome DONALD TRUMP to be MY President~ Don’t BelieveThe FAKE NEWS Polls !


I find it very hard to believe given how many other lies exaggerations and gossip has hit the forefront rather than all the scandalous issues that have been swept under the rug concerning all the illegal things Clinton and yes Obama have gotten away with over the passed 8 yrs that all this garbage being flung about Trump is just smokescreens to de-emphasize the facts of whats been going on in DC these passed 8+ yrs.
I honestly can’t name 1 in 10 who voted for Hillary. Everyone I know who voted. voted for Trump.

Even one of my sons~ who has never voted before~decided to vote for Trump, on the basis of seeing for himself just how biased the news that has been against Trump,that even he saw as  unfair, untrue and all smoke screens to avoid publishing  ‘real’ news/
While there are many [yet less than 1/2 of voters] out there who have drunk the media koolaid of lies and corruption, the majority of Americans who aren’t out there throwing their 3rd world mentality temper tantrums DO SUPPORT TRUMP.

We look forward to turning our nation back around and into the light away from the disgusting path it has been on these passed several years.

I am tired of seeing all the emphasis placed on the media lies, maniacal story lines deflecting from actual issues of importance, anarchy and racial violence and all the corruption being perpetrated by Soros and the elite globalist agenda thats been behind the big deception for years aimed to destroy our nation and rule us like puppets.

I AM GRATEFUL TO GOD that we now have a chance, to get off that slippery slope our nation has been on, on so many levels and see that its going to be a long hard multilevel effort to just bring the corrupted global wheels to a screeching halt.

Our nation will rise out of the  political divide and fiscal ashes and will be revived again.

Its time for the best business PROS to be able to run the business of Govt and make things right for ALL Americans, even those who fail to appreciate it now as DC will be cleaned up and all those whom we elected to office stop taking in all the money from lobbyists and foreign governments to put laws in place that have been overburdening all of us. We need term limits in Congress and they need to be held accountable for the glorious salaries and benefits packages that they so bi-partisanly passed for themselves at the head of the table while we the people have gotten little more than scraps from their gridlock..

Donald Trump will certainly prove to all the world that he is the absolute best man for the job as President of the USA.

His Cabinet of Top Execs will be the ones who can really overhaul DC and help make all the right deals to get  our country running efficiently as #1 .and will not only eliminate all te fiscal waste but make the deals that will make our nation run efficiently and bring jobs and right education back to our nation.

Together they will make America greater than ever before and make lives better for our children and grandchildren.

A well healed cohesive working America will be good for the entire world.

We as a nation, have always been the top leader of the world in all areas of leadership, business development, scientific innovations and  yet these passed 8 yrs that leading from behind has rocked confidence in our nation and only all the gimmes were out there draining away all the monies marked as foreign aid to use on their agendas to drain us dry and allow a globalist world order that would be good for only the top and no good for the rest of mankind here and abroad.

Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country and make America, first.



Pres-Elec Trump : Please Don’t Over-Tax Harder Working Middle Class Families

We supported Donald Trump for President and were overjoyed that he won the Presidency..

We also embraced his tax plan that will help small businesses and facilitate the return of  manufacturing jobs to our country.

We do have a problem with his tax cuts however as not all cuts will help us. The middle class will have a problem with the new tax proposals.~

That 12% Tax goes way up to more than double  as the 25% Tax rate applies when a person earns $75,000.00 -$225,000.00


This pertains to hardworking families currently making $75K or more based on overtime or moonlighting jobs.

These people currently pay  15% taxes. They will be overtaxed on the new Trump Tax Plan.

For example: My son in law used to make $16 hour working hard in the gas field.

He worked over 100 hours a week, being away from family up to 3 weeks a month.

He is an Iraqi War Veteran, under 30 married with three young  children, one who is autistic, so their mother has to remain home to care for their son. They were used to separations while he was deployed so also sacrificed being separate so he could earn a better living for them all.

They still struggle between rent and car payments and student loans etc., like many Middle Class Americans do. By no means are they living the American Dream or anywhere near achieving it.

His first year after leaving the US Marines [after having done 2 tours in Iraq],  he worked nearly 150 grueling hours per week. He has very good work ethics and desire to provide for his family.

The following year after the Obama cuts to the energy fields, his employer faced troubles and had to consolidate. Certain locations were closed and workers laid off. Those who remained had to relocate to other open locations, which forced families to either be left behind or to move with the job.

My son in law kept working and his family moved from state to state as needed, but the last state he worked in, the rents were double and his job went back to 40 hours a week with no overtime or bonuses, causing a major break in their income. It caused them to fall behind on their debts and having to pay higher rates on their loans.

They had to use up their 401K’s and other Savings just to pay regular bills, hoping that overtime and bonus pay would come back, but never did. They had to sell most of their furniture just to make ends meet, before relying on family handouts to help.

They couldn’t afford to pay the rent at their last home so moved again to a fixer upper nearer to some relatives but it took months just to secure a factory job. They are now 1000 miles away from us, their parents, so we can’t help them with child care or other extended family matters  beyond sending them some money to help pay their bills as they struggle now with him earning $16.50 per hour.

His new job also costs them over $500.00 twice a month for healthcare with a $9,000.00 deductible, so when my daughter hurt her shoulder and needed medical attention, she couldn’t afford to go get medical care and has been suffering through her injury.What good is paying so much for healthcare when you can’t use it?

My son in law like many other hard working Americans, hopes to get some promised overtime to offset their health care costs, because right now they cant even afford to re-title the family van and rely on his work truck to do what they need to do. This is not living the American Dream. It still remains in nightmare mode.

Under the new Trump tax plan, their taxes along with many others in the struggling Middle Class,  will jump up to 25% which is a 10% increase in taxes  and will be an added hardship~!



The above tax plan we understood but the new one though it seems simplified may leave many middle class Americans actually paying more taxes than they currently do.

The above plan was changed to the following :

This new tax plan includes a 12% income tax on those earning up to $75,000 per year  and then a 25% income tax hike to on those whose earnings exceed $75,001  even if that is by overtime or work deadline bonuses.

This sounds good  to some–sort of — until you consider those  in the harder working class ~ Middle Class Americans who strive just to support their families by working overtime.

This has always been a problem in that if a person  works ‘too much’ overtime to meet his  or her family needs, such as kids in a private school or going to college or trade school or a young adult child who has not been able to earn enough on a job to be able to leave home and become independent.

It hurts the families who have more than 2 children as their expenses for child care and other expenses often still constitute burdens in which a raised tax rate can keep them from being able to advance or prevent other workers such as wives/ women from entering the work force as it would raise the family’s tax rate into the next bracket.

Taxes should be based on base hourly pay in a 40 hour work week . They should not advance to the next tax bracket if the breadwinner or combined family members working cause the total annual income to surpass the bracket they are currently in.

If for example the father is working  for $16 per hour.

His normal work week is 40hours.

His weekly base pay would be $640 per week.

On an annual 50 week basis [considering they get 2 weeks vacation] that would be $32,000 which would fall into the 12% tax bracket and should be affordable and non-burdensome to his and his family’s the new tax code says up to $75,000 would be 12%. Idealistically that sounds okay, considering this person is barely getting by and a lowered tax rate would give that person/family a break so they can advance in life.

Well that same person has 5 dependents. Under current tax tables they have certain deductions that ‘work’ but consider they have a house payment, car payment, student loan and or other credit card payments to make. Under current tax plan they need to make more money to keep their bills paid.If they work overtime, such as gas/oil field workers for example do. That worker may sacrifice and work 100 hours or more a week to try and get ahead and provide for their family. If that worker is doubling his/her work hours, under current tax law that raises his tax rates which means that now on his base pay of $16 hour he is now paying 25% or more in taxes, if he is working more than 60-80hours a week to pay his/her bills. Combined with a spouse working another job to supplement family and adding in possible child care costs, a spouse working may also cause the family’s taxes to be into the higher brackets while they net sometimes 50% or more in taxes and in essense are punished for working harder longer hours.

I suggest that taxes be based on the base pay a person/family earns and not on their overtime or bonus rates given for harder work, The rate should remain based on their base hourly wages combined.They would still be paying tax on their overtime and bonuses but would not be punished by being placed in a higher tax bracket for working harder or longer hours.

Combined taxes should also include any children in the family earning money and paying taxes whereas before it would be a deduction for either parent or child leaving one’s taxes lost in not being able to receive any refund at years end. For example, I worked as a dental assistant through out high school. My boss deducted my taxes from my paycheck every week. My father at the same time counted  me as a deduction since he technically supported me and I was a minor child. I lost the right to file for my own taxes til I was an adult and living outside my parents home.Had their been a family hour tax rate, both my father and I could  have received tax credit.

One way could work is this. Just as spouses can currently file jointly currently, we should have a “family joint  filing tax”  that would combine all the hourly wages of working household family members paying taxes to be combined and then divided by total number of all family members including minor children or those being supported within those paychecks.

Example :

Father  earns                             $16.00 per hour

Mother earns                             $10.00 per hour

Dependent Child earns                 $8.00 per hour

Combined  Family earnings  $34.00 per hour   with 3 minors in school, it would then divided by total family members of [ 6 ] = $5.66 hr and to include the other minor dependents ~  would divide that hourly wage to include non-working minor children to make up their tax deductions for all the family members of that household.

This would help larger families more and be fair to smaller families as well we single individuals or couples filing jointly.

Now divide that by all dependents of this hourly wage. If they have 4 children- 3 of which are still in school or in child care that are minors or disabled and not employed .That would be 6 people depending on a total hourly wage of $34.00 per hour – That would then bring their hourly earnings down to only an effective economic wage of $5.66 per hour which better reflects their true earning status for placement into the tax bracket they should be paying from, securing they pay no more than 12%

Under current tax law if that father worked 60-80 -100 hours a week as often gas/oil workers or construction workers etc do, they would be pushed up into a higher tax bracket which would be added burden as these types of jobs have a burn out rate that later affect their health or family status or actually suppress a spouse/wife from working because their employment may only add more taxes and not profit them to work any harder.  If this family were to remain in the tax bracket based on their combined family hourly earnings it would stimulate them to work more to achieve the American Dream instead of having to hold back or even forbid their minor children from working.

It is common that families making a combined hourly wage of less than $20 hour are struggling and often living paycheck to paycheck and never achieve their dreams til they are either old or win a lottery! If the tax base was instead based on hourly pay rates instead of total income earned it would be better for the hard working middle class.

How fair is it if one person,say a college professor or office worker who can make $75,001 a year and work only 40 hours a week so can pay 25% taxes compared to a family with 2 or more members whose combined salaries average less than $20 per hour?Why does that coal minor or gas/oik worker who earns less than $20 hour putting in longer hours and harder manual labor to have to pay the same rate as someone who doesn’t have to struggle as hard nor work as many hours?

Its time to change the tax tables. Pres-Elect Trump has designed a tax plan that’s 3 tiers. That is a good idea however the 12% for up to $75K only works for those who don’t  have to work overtime  to raise their annual incomes.

Instead please base 12% Tax Rate for families earning less than $20 per hour combined and divided by total family size and dependents being supported by that pay. 

It is NOT good for those who make combined family incomes that work multiple jobs & hours  to achieve a higher annual earning depending on overtime and performance bonuses.

For those who earn more than $75,001.00 including overtime worked, the rate jumps to 25% which is not fair and is burdensome as it is taxing their own stamina to work harder..

It is actually an increase over current tax plans in force and the people in this category will not benefit at all by the Trump tax plan.

As to the next tax bracket~ $75,000 to $225,000 at 25% Their taxes would not be as burdensome. Anyone making $75,000 based on a 40 hour work week  times 50 weeks would be earning 2000 hours at $37.50 per hour and could afford 25% taxes easier than someone earning $20 or less per hour.

Same principal if that person making $37.50 per hour has a spouse  or child working  as well would be like this:

Father earns                         $37.50 per hour

Mother earns                        $10.00 per hour

Dependent Child earns       $8.00 per hour

Combined  Family earnings  $55.50  per hour divided by [6] family dependents = $8.12 hour  so for them so they’d still qualify for the 12% tax rate  which is also fairer and less burdensome.

It should also reflect variables for part time and seasonal work so would be adjusted quarterly as some teens work in summer months and spouses may possibly work only when children are in school so the average family hour wages can vary  over the year.

To add this fair yet simple hourly pay base equations into determining how much tax each taxpayer should pay would encourage poorer families to want to work and to be able to benefit from their work instead of depending on receiving entitlements.

This would encourage all who are able within a family unit who are able to  work to not remain home  due to fear of being placed into a higher tax bracket,  in effect being punished for working harder as a family unit or individual and prepare a dependent adolescent to be able to eventually afford to go out on their own..

No one should contest that anyone earning a base pay of $225,000 or more would benefit from the current tax rate proposal, although the same variable could be applied to them as well to ensure they are also paying their fair share.


Dr. Anthony Ripepi~Trump Supporter Said it Right about Who We Really Are



This article below posted in the NY Post interviewed a doctor who came to support Trump and is one of the most intelligent articles I have seen written since the election :

PITTSBURGH — Dr. Anthony Ripepi wants the cosmopolitan class — who so misread everything about this election cycle — to know the first thing they might want to shed is their constant mocking of those who live in flyover country.

He also wants them to know that despite the gnashing of teeth over the mere thought of a Donald Trump presidency or the rise of his supporters as an electoral force, he holds no malice.

“The Trump presidency will never be a threat to their way of life the way progressive policies were to the values Trump supporters hold dear,” he said.

Ripepi, the father of four, grandson of immigrants and highly sought-after chief of surgery at a suburban Pittsburgh hospital, is one of the nearly 3 million voters in Western Pennsylvania who helped put Trump over the top in a state that hasn’t gone Republican since 1988.

He doesn’t fit coastal America’s idea of a Trump supporter, and that’s part of the reason the media missed what was happening right under their noses.

Ripepi, 53, and his wife, Michele, take their kids to hockey and soccer practice just like their suburban New York counterparts do. They enjoy going out to dinner, or to an NHL hockey game or to a movie.

They even know how to talk to a Manhattanite or Washingtonian.

The problem is, Manhattanites and Washingtonians don’t know how to talk to them.

They don’t know anyone like Ripepi, who, when he isn’t scurrying around the neighborhood with the kids, can be found hunting and fishing with family and friends. The elites’ picture of a typical Trump voter is right out of “The Beverly Hillbillies” — male, white, uneducated and lacking common pleasantries, let alone the skills to better themselves.

The fundamental truth is that the Trump voter was still predominantly white, but both male and female, with a salary ranging from middle- to upper-middle-class to well-off and college-educated.

They may not have gone to Harvard or Yale (though surely some did), but, like Ripepi, they were tired of their values and principles being the butt of everyone’s jokes — including the president’s.

In the end, their support for Trump was non-ideological and not solely a revolt by poorer whites left behind by globalization. These voters turned out for Trump, too, but it was the Ripepis of the world who put this race over the top for Trump.

Voters keep sending Washington a message, and Washington — and the reporters who cover it — keep missing the signal. On Wednesday, pundits kept trying to calculate why progressivism was rejected, and they kept looking past what was right in front of them.

Voters are rejecting big government, big banks, big corporations and big technology. They said no to establishment Republican primary candidates and Wall Street, and they hid from the political statheads trying to track their mood.

Sorry, but when it comes to populism, there’s no app for that.

Republican media strategist Bruce Haynes challenges his Republican and Democratic DC-based peers who are knee-deep in their drinks over Trump’s win to take a step back and look at the map of what Clinton won Tuesday night. “She won the biggest metropolitan areas in the country and a couple of Southwestern states that have seen a huge influx of Mexican immigrants,” he said.

“And that is all she won and not a damn thing else.”

That is, she won the top 10 populations centers where most of the wealth, commerce and power is located — and lost the bulk of America.

This great populist election was all a big pushback against elitism on both sides of the aisle.

Ripepi didn’t start out as a Trump supporter — he favored Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and then Ohio Gov. John Kasich. His support for Trump, he says, was never about Trump.

“He essentially served as a voice for economic and social unrest, but also change,” said Haynes.

“Look, elites don’t understand why America needs to be great again because for them America is great,” said Haynes. Their economy is strong, their lifestyle is comfortable and the communities they live in, in and around New York and Washington, are the wealthiest and most influential in the country.

When Trump voters turn on cable TV, they see their lives and livelihoods disrespected. They don’t want to keep up with the Kardashians; they just want to watch football without a political statement thrown in their faces.

On election night, the experts kept insisting the election was a rejection of Clinton. But it wasn’t — at least not just Clinton. It was also of the Bush dynasty and every other symbol of establishmentarianism.

And until the experts start hearing it, voters will keep sending them that message.


Who was Shooter Chris Harper Mercer?

Was it a hoax? Was it all lies?

Was NOT an attempt against perceived white supremacy?

Was a BLACK RACIST referring to white people as “cracka”?

-Dating Site Profile TARGETED REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVE WOMEN so didn’t he lie by PRETENDING to be one to lure some?

-Was he PRO-RUSSIAN- SIDED as seen with his pro-RUSSIAN CLAIM to the ARCTIC?

-Why were the IRA photos added after his death?

-Was there involvement with Jade Helm or it’s video & remark that was removed after his death?

-Why was he so interested in “Clock Kid”?

-Why didn’t he accept that it was a  BLACK COP who legitimately ARRESTED that BLACK woman? Why did he call him an UNCLE TOM?

-Why was ATTACKER’s SON’S MIDDLE Name HUSSEIN ?- Did he have some attraction or affiliation to islam 4 yrs ago? Did he really have at least 1 friend on MySpace who was islamic [but no recent comments]

Was he Anti-Religious ? Why did he delve into occult, mysticism, strange religious views that can be found when exploring girlfriend’s facebook nick name Henrietta Von Planck ?

Search-her real name is-Melanie Farmer – also made a new facebook profile under Henrietta Planck] -Claimed to have possible 5 kids in NYC -Was in Texas at time female corpse stolen and made reference to it to Herb Jones as well as serial killer remarks

GIRLFRIEND listed as MELANIE FARMER aka Henrietta Planck /Henrietta Von Planck

URLS that Relate to her are : now scrubbed  some game site?

Herb Jones

Julie Mott [her body was stolen]

Possible real connection? Henrietta Planck aka Melanie Farmer

Other Pages  that came up in searching thru his reference to her:

















HIS PAGE SCREENSHOT 10-2  AFTER NAME WAS CHANGED~AND SONG ADDED Was private joke between him and girlfriend who used her new profile name to mention anger.

She also posted on  her page to a mutual friend of theirs about not wanting a witch hunt so thats why she has been changing all her comments and taking control of his page.